This is a NEW experience! The Irida Virtual Reality World offers a NEW, fun, unique and immersive escape game experience, designed for everyone! The Cosmos Concept: We proudly present the First Virtual Reality Escape Game in Cyprus where you and your Team are locked in a room (The Spaceship!) where you have 60 minutes to explore the spaceship & the universe, to find the clues, to solve the puzzles and discover the keys and their combinations to escape before your time is up! The Irida Virtual Reality World is fun! The Cosmos Game is amazing! Share the experience & enjoy the game with your family, friends, and co-workers!

The Irida Team

It goes without saying that our Team is real and awesome! Come and meet us!

Cosmos Escape Game

It’s new, fun and unique! An immersive escape game experience for everyone!

Fun for Everyone

Share the Virtual World Experience and enjoy the Cosmos Escape Game with your family, friends, and co-workers! [Team based game 3 to 5 persons.]

Players fly in zero gravity, solve puzzles and shoot robots with lasers!

Irida Virtual Reality World

Each game lasts 1 hour!

Irida Virtual Reality World

You will be talking about it all the time!

Irida Virtual Reality World